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Xpart Fisheries Ltd. is working with Aquaculture & Fisheries business

About Fisheries

Xpart Fisheries Ltd. is working with Aquaculture & Fisheries business. The company has been incorporated in 2004 and now producing good quality seeds (Fish Fry & Fingerlings) from our own Hatchery/Aqua Breeder Farm. Its aquaculture, quality seed are two most important factors. There are three major issues for being a profitable fish farm

1. Inbreeding free quality seed (Fish Fry & Fingerlings)
2. Balance feed
3. Quality management.

So, for the betterment of Aquaculture in Bangladesh, the management of Index Companies has decided to produce inbreeding free fast growing & healthy fish fry & fingerlings. Now we have a join collaboration & RND farm together with Rural Development Academy (RDA), Bogura, under the ministry of LGRD. We are always committed to the profitability of the farmers. We are also aware of the pollution of soil & water as well as the environment. We always follow the GAP (Good Aquaculture Practice) rules in our farms.

Posted by:Md. Masud Ali Reza
Date: 06/29/2021 08:11:28

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